Analysis of faulty URLs in area München ( 62428 )

General Information

The total number of analyzed OSM Objects is: 15243

The total number of URLs was analyzed: 15486. (One OSM object can have multiple URLs.)

Out of all analyzed URLs the number of broken URLs is: 200.

Number of common redirects which were not reported: 662.

Number of URLs which were ignored according to the list (usually ignorelist.json): 405.

Status sums: map[301:9 302:5 307:1 308:2 403:2 404:10 423:2 500:12 502:1 503:9 911:23 912:108 913:2 914:1 916:10 917:1 918:2]

The total number of POIs having no URL is: 646

The analysis was done at 2024-03-04 07:36:32.892925909 +0100 CET m=+11672.735190971.

These pages were generated at 2024-03-04 07:36:34.911993313 +0100 CET m=+11674.754258373.

The Overpass API request duration was 12.936120534s.

The duration for the analysis was 3h14m19.368524991s.

OSM-Link-Validator in version 7.3.7 was used.

Its source code can be found at

You can contact me at

Analyzed Keys

A list of all OpenStreetMap keys being analyzed can be found at

Custom Status Codes

This tool defines some custom status codes. This is a complete list of them:
901: Error creating HTTP request
911: Error doing request
912: Timeout doing request
913: DNS Error doing request
914: Protocol Error doing request
915: Certificate authority
916: Certificate expired
917: Certificate domain
918: Unable to analyze URL because a CDN is used
919: URL shortener used
920: Tracking parameter found
921: Social Media URL detected
922: Domain is for sale